The Department of Women/Gender Studies emerged out of the Center of Excellence for Women Studies. This Center had been set up by the Ministry of Women Development Government of Pakistan in 1989. This was established under a project to implement Women Studies Institutions in Pakistan. As a center it started functioning in the University of Balochistan in November 1994. It contributed in the preparation of the National Report that was to be carried to the Fourth World Conference on Women called the Beijing Conference held in September 1995 in China.

The Centre performed as rapporteur in all the five conferences held throughout the country to prepare the country report.The Centre was the rapporteur of the first International Women Parliamentarians Conference held in Islamabad by the Government of Pakistan. The Centre represented the country as sole representative for the Regional Conference held in February 1995 for the preparation of the Regional Report for the Fourth World Conference. Centre was a part of the official delegation representing Pakistan in the Fourth World Conference in China. The Centre represented Pakistan in the Beijing Declaration of the Fourth World Conference.

The Centre was made the permanent representative of Pakistan for the Regional Steering Committee on Rural and Island women. After the Beijing Conference the Centre was nominated as member of the committee preparing the National Plan of Action. The Centre was a member of the National Core Group representing the Provincial Core Group. The Centre was a member of the Planning Commission of Pakistan on the Chapter of Women and Gender Development The Centre represented the country in the special session of General Assembly at the United Nations.

The Centre contributed for the preparation of Gender Reform Action Plan, a project of Government of Pakistan assisted by Asian Development Bank. The study conducted by Asian Development Bank on the Employment of Women in Public Sector was conducted by the Centre. The study on The Conditions of Women in Jails conducted by the Ministry of Women Development was carried out by the Centre. The Centre conducted a study for UNDP for preparation of Profile of Women in Kacchi Abadies. The Centre has several other researches to its credit.