Centre of Excellence for Womens Studies (CEWS), University of Karachi focuses on the generation and dissemination of equitably balanced academic knowledge and its purposeful use in addressing societal needs. To enhance this role effectively, the Centre in collaboration with the Aurat Foundation, held meetings in the end of April 2011 for Gender Equity Project to initiate the process and to achieve the goals of gender equity through Womens Studies (WS) scholarship by forging linkages with institutions within the campuses and outside the campuses with the purpose of:

Creating partnerships in the Gender Equity Project (GEP),

Exploring ways and means of projecting WS graduates as tools for change,

Enhancing and improving our capabilities as academics, researchers, and opinion builders.

GEP is a nine months project, made possible through the generous support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), implemented by the Aurat Foundation (AF) in close collaboration with The Asia Foundation. Under this grant CEWS, University of Karachi has agreed to the creation and implementation of following programmes:

  • Creation and Management of E-Portal on Gender Studies in Pakistan with project partners.
  • Forging alliances with corporate entities and creating linkages with social sector groups
  • Gender sensitization workshops for faculty and non-teaching staff of Karachi University
  • Introduction of Womens Studies in other Universities
  • Meetings with heads of the Womens Studies/ Gender Studies Departments

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