Department of Gender Studies (DGS) attempts at developing an understanding of women's diverse contribution to the world, largely undermined and ignored in patriarchal societies. Gender Studies programmes are committed to appreciate and simulate the equity of women, men, and eunuchs in all areas of life so that each and every gender can have sense of freedom. Increasingly, specialists in gender studies are being employed as consultants in industry, higher education, insurance companies and private firms. Also the federal government agencies require people who have understanding of gender dynamics. There is a need to re-examine the role of gender in various bodies of knowledge constructed so far. A lot of examples from our societies can be quoted where women have moved ahead of the traditional boundaries in the pursuit of personal, regional, and national development. There is an urging need to clarify the misconception that disintegration of the traditional institution of family is in direct relationship with the emancipating roles picked up by the courageous women. Gender studies exposes you to a variety of disciplines in liberal arts so that you are able to think critically about the role of gender that shapes our personal, social, political, religious, domestic, regional, local, and global worlds.

About Gender Studies

Gender Studies provides critical thinking skills and an understanding of women's diverse contributions to society, which are valuable for a wide variety of careers. Gender Studies Programs are committed to realizing the equality of women and men in all areas of life so that our relationships, both personal and social, are characterized by the freedom and mutuality which can only occur among equals. Increasingly, specialists in Gender Studies are being used as consultants in industry, higher education, insurance companies and personnel firms even state and federal government agencies require people who have special training in understanding gender relations. There is a need to study different fields of knowledge in context of gender and highlight role of women in various fields of human activity. Number of examples of women taking active and essential part in developing and advancing human life even in non-traditional roles may be cited from our own tradition. These need to be highlighted and it needs to be underscored that the society can be constructed so as to ensure enhanced participation of women in life without disintegrating the institution of family. Gender Studies affords you the broad education of a liberal arts major with the acuity of a technical degree. Students acquire essential critical thinking skills and the ability to think more globally than many other job applicants, making them valuable and desirable employees. These skills are vital to the workplace and excellent preparation for graduate school.